Olive leaf pendant large

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Pendant made of 925/ooo with forged surface in the shape of an olive leaf.


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Olive groves up to 600 years old give our island a fairytale flair. Transform the island into a sea of green and silver shimmering olive leaves. This pendant made of forged silver and with a hammer textured surface, captures this beautiful play of light. A piece of Corfu, a whisper in the leaves of sun, sea and centuries-old trees.

The size varies between 6cm and 7cm for the large olive leaf pendants, and between 3cm and 5.5cm for the small pendants.

All pendants are individually forged by hand. So no two are alike. Like the leaves of the olive trees. Your pendant can therefore vary slightly from the picture. But they are all beautiful.

Material: 925/ooo silver



Silver, Blackened silver


black, dark brown, light gray, beige/ natural, olive, no leather strap