Founded in 1996

by Alexandros Pajatakis and Christian Guthmann.

Today ILIOS is located in the house directly on the beach, where we: Alexandros and Michal Medea Pajatakis together with our little daughter ζωή (Zoí) live and work all year round. Here we design new pieces of jewellery inspired by the wonderful nature that surrounds us. High craftsmanship in combination with young design leads to high-quality and fantastically beautiful results with an unmistakable signature. The focus here is especially on unique pieces that are as individual as their wearers.

Living and working

The goldsmiths in the house by the sea ILIOS is more than just a goldsmith's shop.

Ilios, the idea

ILIOS is more than just a goldsmith workshop.

In the spacious premises of the workshop, ILIOS offers visitors to this dreamlike place the opportunity to make their own piece of jewellery and thus create an unforgettable and individual memory of Corfu. In beginner seminars, seminars with children from 6 years or in wedding ring seminars completely adapted to the couple, beautiful individual pieces are created in 2 to 8 hours.

The house, surrounded by nature, the waves, the beach, the endless wild olive groves and cypress woods that nestle against the hilly landscape, invites you to linger.

With the spacious ILIOS Apartments we offer our guests pure relaxation. The elevated location offers a unique view over the entire bay. The high standard of our 4 apartments fits into the overall concept of ILIOS and makes your stay on Corfu something uniquely beautiful. A pearl on 4 km of sandy beach.

A summer goldsmith in a holiday area, which openly and brightly conceived, gives insight into a 5000 year old craft and takes you into the world of the goldsmith. You have the possibility to work with us yourself or simply live with us. What remains is a beautiful memory and a very special piece of jewellery that connects you with ILIOS.

A place of exchange and communication.

ILIOS has been cooperating with goldsmith schools, universities of applied sciences for jewellery design and the BW scholarship since the very beginning. ILIOS offers internships and practical semesters in the field of jewellery, which give them a deep insight into sophisticated goldsmiths and direct contact to our visitors.

You are in the focus.

The flowing transition from gallery to workshop is entirely in keeping with the spirit of ILIOS. It integrates you into the creative process, lets you participate in our work and gives the creators the opportunity to talk to you about their work. Here you can make your jewellery wishes come true in personal conversations with us. We help to find the perfect shape and implement it technically.

ILIOS means the sun.

The symbol of the sun not only stands for the splendour of things. It stands even more for the attitude to life on Corfu itself. The warmth of summer and the light-heartedness of this island. Our sun logo can be found in all our jewellery. A symbol of openness, hospitality and joie de vivre. A reminder of a small paradise and a wonderful stay on Corfu that will always accompany you. Just like a promise of quality and outstanding design. A promise based on decades of experience. A goldsmith’s shop in one of the most beautiful places open to you. We look forward to your visit.owner and founder of ILIOS. Jewellery maker for over 30 years.