Seminars for adults

Discover your creativity in a goldsmith seminar. Without any prior knowledge, you can realize your own ideas in small groups of two to a maximum of 6 participants under the guidance of an experienced goldsmith. Beginner courses last between two and four hours. Enough time, for example, to cast a silver pendant or make a simple ring. The sand casting technique is very popular here, one of the oldest casting techniques in the goldsmith’s craft, in which found objects such as stones, shells or olive pits are molded and turned into decorative souvenirs and gifts. There are no limits to your ideas and we will support you with our experience in implementing them.

The seminar fee is 23,- euro per person (including 24% VAT) per hour. Precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as gemstones, are charged extra.

Take a look at our seminar papers and let yourself be inspired.

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