Silver bracelet Pandora


Made of solid 925/ooo silver bracelet with  embossed surface and a coloured stone of your choice.


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This bracelet, made of solid 925/ooo silver, is from the jewellery series "My sweet Demons" and is a continuation of the theme "Gods of Olympus". It is reminiscent of the mythical figure of Prometheus. His noble desire to bring fire to the people ended up being chained to a rock by indomitable chains for centuries. The "All-Gifted" Pandora was that sweet demon who brought down Prometheus and his brother.

The dimensional silver eyelets have been coarsely forged with the fin and give this piece of jewellery its unique strong surface structure. Each eyelet is individually forged, joined together and firmly welded. So not only is every bracelet unique but every single link is unique in itself.

In the closure element we set one of many different gemstones that sparkle in their respective colours. The light bracelets in the photos have a blue topaz and a red rubelite, the blackened bracelet has a purple tanzanite in the clasp.

Blue: aquamarine or topaz

Red: Rubelite (pink red tourmaline)

Violet: Tanzanite

We have a few more colored stones (green peridot, brown smoky quartz, purple amethyst, yellow citrine, orange garnet, etc.), which are not available here because the bracelets have to be made first. If you are interested, simply write us a message.

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XXS - 15cm, XS - 16cm, S - 17cm, M - 18cm, L - 19cm, XL - 20cm, XXL - 21cm

Colour stone

blue topaz, light blue aquamarine, purple tanzanite, pink tourmaline, without stone


Silver, silver blackened

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