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Have you always wanted to have a very personal piece of jewellery? A seal ring with your own logo/family crest, a talisman, simply a piece of jewellery with which you identify with yourself?

We will be happy to advise you and design your dream piece of jewellery together.

We are also happy to make jewellery for special occasions, as a gift for a birth, a christening present or for the bride and groom.

wedding rings

A feeling, a promise and a symbol of a life together.

Your rings will be as you wish them to be. Be inspired and have a look at our wedding rings to get an idea.

From old to new

Inherited family pieces, precious stones from old jewellery, broken necklaces and bracelets made of precious metals and even dental gold can be processed into new, very special pieces of jewellery keeping an emotional connection. Loved and worn.

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We are also happy to rework old pieces of jewellery for you, because sometimes not much is necessary to turn an unworn heirloom into an individual and unique piece.

Would you like to have your wedding rings reworked after 30 years? We have many beautiful ideas for you. We can create a whole new design and still keep the old wedding rings.